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Ukemix GmbH provides logistics services for micromobility companies. We ensure that the e-scooters are fully charged at the right places in the city so that people can stay well mobile without cars. Our team consists of several employees with professional and customer-centric approaches to the work, as well as from a fleet of new vans targeted to provide the best possible results. The team is well trained and acknowledges how to operate at warehouses compliantly with safety instructions, efficiently, and cooperatively with other companies’ employees.

Day-to-day responsibilities for our Fleet Specialists in micromobility logistics:

  • Perform battery swaps to our partners’ fleet of e-scooters

  • Rebalance e-scooters across the city to optimize customer accessibility to e-scooters

  • Other related tasks such as rescuing broken e-scooters and deploying fixed ones across the city

  • Activities related to battery charging at warehouses

  • Ongoing evaluation of how the work is done and how it could be improved for higher efficiency for both our business partners and us

Simultaneously we aim at keeping the atmosphere and employee satisfaction high within the company by being transparent about why things are done a certain way and collecting internal feedback used as part of the decision-making. We believe that happy employees that identify as part of the team provide the best results and want to continue to do so.

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